114 Winston Avenue

Statesville, NC 28677

Introducing Bishop Caines

Bishop Brian L. Caines was born February 2, 1958, to Cyril and Roumania Caines on the island of Trinidad and Tobago. After completing his formal education at Trinity College, Moka Maraval, his first job was at Hi-Lo Supermarket in Maraval.

Bishop Caines moved to the United States at the age of 20 to be with his mother and three older sisters. His first place of residence was the Bronx, NY.  His first job was with a company called Nestle Lemur, where he met a brother in the church named Michael Smith, who invited Brian Caines to a church revival at his home church located at 2015 Crotona Ave, Bronx NY, pastored by Bishop Ernest Crooms; the speaker for the event was Elder Spriggs from Washington, DC.

Upon attending the service on the second night of the three-night revival Brian L. Caines heard the True and Living Word of God preached under the anointing of the Holy Ghost like he had never heard God’s word preached before. He was so enthused and enlightened by what he heard he convinced his younger sister Susan, to go back with him the following night.

The Holy Ghost anointed preaching was something he couldn’t shake and continued to attend services there on Crotona Ave, Bronx, NY until eventually repenting of his sins, getting baptized in water in the name of Jesus Christ (for remission of sins). On the 19th day of September of 1979 he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost completing the born again experience spoken to Nicodemus by the Lord Jesus Christ in St. John 3:3-7

In 1982, three years later Brother Brian L. Caines was anointed and called by God to preach the word of God, and with power and demonstration earned the title of Minister Caines. After two years of ministering in the Bronx church, in 1984, Minister Brian L. Caines was relocated by his pastor Bishop Crooms to minister in Statesville, NC to a small group of people who had heard Bishop Crooms’ radio broadcast and wanted to be under his leadership.

Not long after moving to North Carolina, Minister Brian L. Caines was again elevated to the office of an Elder and installed as the pastor of the Statesville Church.

In 1986, two years after relocating to Statesville NC, Elder Brian L. Caines married Sister Anna Caines from which union three sons were born, Isaac in 1993, Israel in 1995, and Daniel Isaiah in 1997, henceforth the Caines family.

As the ministry of Elder Brian L. Caines flourished the church grew. Many souls came and were baptized of which a great number of them received the Holy Ghost. Elder Brian L. Caines was again elevated by his pastor Bishop Crooms to the office of a Bishop and eventually became the Vice Bishop of the organization until the falling asleep of Bishop Ernest Crooms, his only pastor for his entire spiritual life.

This Bishop Brian L. Caines is now serving as the pastor and overseer of The Church of the Living God in Statesville NC which he chartered in 2002 with permission and oversight of Bishop Crooms his pastor who oversaw the work until the time of his passing.